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Summer school prepares Jewish students for leadership

A Yale University summer school is helping Jewish students who do not attend Jewish schools to study how their faith plays into a variety of issues—from public policy to economics, history and statesmanship—in a bid to cultivate young leaders.

Ohio school to start International Baccalaureate program

Claire Foltz is excited that multiple-choice tests are becoming somewhat passé at Glen Oak High School in Ohio. Foltz and her classmates will soon be able to enroll in International Baccalaureate (IB) classes, which aim “to develop lifelong learners who think globally and act locally to create a better and more peaceful world,”

Character formation happens over breakfast

Public school students, from Kindergarten to 12th grade, in Troy, Montana, start the day with breakfast at school and time to talk with their teachers or advisors. One high school teacher sees breakfast during the advisory period as the prime time for character formation.

Catholic school poll: approval of character at local level

A national survey on character in which a West Roxbury, Massachusetts, Catholic school participated found that respondents have far more confidence in the integrity of local leaders than national ones, a lesson that the school is using to teach its students about character, despite the polarized national political landscape.

Small Town forms citizens . . . and Olympians

Karen Crouse set out to research Norwich, VT, for a book about athletic development. She ended up writing about an extraordinary town, where the residents have deep and meaningful practices for forming their children.

Dreams, Inspiration, and CultureFeed

“I did not go into teaching because I was inspired that someday my students might name the capital cities of each state in the Union. I went into teaching because I wanted to make a profound difference in the lives of my students.”

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