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Florida Gov. cuts character education program

Florida Gov. Rick Scott recently put an end to a two-decade-old Learning for Life character education program by cutting an annual $2.5 million appropriation for the program from the state budget.

David Brooks: what you pay attention to controls your will

David Brooks, columnist for The New York Times, talked about how technology and social media contribute to a “crisis of attention” in March during a School Leaders Roundtable hosted by the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia.

Seeking alternatives to alternative schools

A dispute at a drinking fountain at North Augusta High School in 2014 resulted in a weeks-long sentence to an alternative school for 15-year-old Logan Rewis, a decision that changed the course of his academic career and contributed to his decision to drop out of school entirely.

In Phoenix Catholic schools, service is a given

In the Diocese of Phoenix, Catholic school students learn service by sustained practice. At St. Mary’s High School volunteer service is not a requirement—because service is already a natural part of their lives.

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