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Character formation happens over breakfast

Public school students, from Kindergarten to 12th grade, in Troy, Montana, start the day with breakfast at school and time to talk with their teachers or advisors. One high school teacher sees breakfast during the advisory period as the prime time for character formation.

‘Volunteer dads’ appear at Dallas middle school

A Breakfast with Dads event was planned at Dallas’s Billy Earl Dade Middle School, where 90% of students are from low-income families. Child advocate Kristina Dove was concerned that some students would not have a father available to attend, so she posted an appeal on social media.

Future Farmers of America chapter creates leaders

Despite burgeoning urban populations, Future Farmers of America (FFA) demonstrated record involvement this year with about 680,000 members. In Tenino, Washington, the student-led FFA chapter is building community leaders.

Counselor of the Year understands her students deeply

Kristen Perry is the school counselor at Lawndale Community Academy in Chicago, a pre-K through 8th-grade school that, in 2015, earned the lowest possible ranking in the district.  Through extraordinary dedication and service, she won the 2018 Counselor of the Year award.

Dallas businessman proposes boarding complex for public school students

Randy Bowman knows the pressures of poverty. He was one of four children raised by a single mother in Dallas. Bowman has purchased land to build a dormitory facility for Dallas children who attend public schools “as a way to insulate kids from some of the chaotic and traumatic forces that can quickly derail academics.”

In Phoenix Catholic schools, service is a given

In the Diocese of Phoenix, Catholic school students learn service by sustained practice. At St. Mary’s High School volunteer service is not a requirement—because service is already a natural part of their lives.

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