CultureFeed is building a network of experts from the front lines of character formation in academia, schools, clubs, and teams to provide quality research and analysis, and promising practices for character development and cultural impact.

Eva Moskowitz

Founder & CEO
Success Academy Charter Schools

Andreas Schleicher

Director for Education and Skills
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Tony Klemmer

Founder & President
NAATE Program

Bill Jackson
Timothy Hall
Dan Scoggin
Stephanie Borowski
Jim Thompson
Al Zambone
Andrew Hart
Tom Luna

Former Superintendent
Public Instruction, Idaho

Linda Brown

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Building character has always been hard work. But now it is harder than ever, says Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture sociologist James Davison Hunter. In his book, Hunter traces the historical development of character education in America to help us understand the current moment—and learn from the mis-steps of history. It’s a must-read for educators and civic leaders who are on the frontlines of nurturing good children, wise leaders, and virtuous citizens. And you could get it for free! Simply sign up below.
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