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Heroism and villainy in the forge of shared convictions

In a historical moment when public figures can be removed from organizations or offices because of an accusation of transgression, Frederick Hess and Brendan Bell invite educators to present heroes with their flaws and in all their complexity.

DC school book club breaks stereotypes

A newly formed book club for young minority boys at Washington, D.C.’s Truesdell Education Campus is changing the dynamic at the struggling school, where a mere 18% of students met expectations on the English portion of standardized tests in 2016.

Montgomery charter school to focus on character development

Charter schools were first approved in Alabama in 2015, and there is currently only one in operation in that state. Potentially the second, LEAD Academy in Montgomery, is on track to open in the fall of 2018, and it is focused on character development.

Austin, TX increases access to Garcia boys school

School choice debates are often framed around competition; public district schools vie against public charter schools and private schools to enroll students. However, in Austin things look a little different. The public district celebrates the variety of schooling options available to parents, including Gus Garcia Young Men’s Leadership Academy.

Lutheran school builds leaders through student council

Many students at St. Paul’s Lutheran School have a natural inclination for leadership and responsibility, and a move to start the school’s first student council is providing formal opportunities for them to apply their skills.

Maine non-profit targets needs of rural schools

A Maine nonprofit is taking a new approach to education in three rural Washington County schools where many students struggle with adverse childhood experiences—problems often tied to poverty that hinder learning.

EL charter school opening to serve at-risk students

This fall, a new school is opening in Elgin, IL, and it will seek to differentiate itself by implementing a model that incorporates social consciousness and character development. This model is known as Expeditionary Learning (EL), and it was what attracted the new principal, Lezlie Fuhr, to take the new role.

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