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Boarding school announces new assistant head

The Gunnery, a boarding school in Connecticut, has hired Emily Gum as Assistant Head of School for teaching and Learning. Peter Becker, the Head of School, said her experience and expertise are “deeply aligned with Frederick Gunn’s focus on moral character and the formative power of schools and boarding schools in particular.”

The role of work-based learning in developing character and citizenship

While educators know that inconsistent teachings and contradictory home-life create challenges in character development, an immersive, work-based learning environment gives students full access to mentors and role models who can provide stable guidance. And for Jazlynn, UTC Aerospace Systems is just that kind of supportive environment.

When a community rallies around its children

When an African-American 1st-grader brought home a letter from his teacher reporting that he had been moved from the Rabbits to the Turtles reading group, family and friends in Madison Park, Alabama, didn’t resign themselves to the demotion. Instead, they sprang into action.

Charlotte teacher combats negative media coverage

In Charlotte, NC, a reporter showed up to research an unsigned letter about a culture of fear at West Mecklenburg High School—and then failed to show up when invited to attend a senior award ceremony. One teacher is resisting that sensationalist bias.

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