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Fourth-graders teach adults to focus

Good character is formed over a lifetime. At a recent Ashland (Oregon) School board Meeting, board members were well-reminded of this fact as they were led through a series of mindfulness exercises by local 4th-grade students.

High school program works to build integrity

Students at Cleveland’s Fairview High School are clamoring to join the pilot character education program “Because I said I would,” which aims to increase volunteerism by encouraging participants to keep their word.

Students decide where the money goes

In Fulton, Illinois each homeroom at River Bend Middle School received $100 to give back to the community. The only catch is that it had to have a personal connection to students.

Prisoners model generosity with bicycles

In this time of giving, when many Americans look to support their favorite charitable causes, they frequently choose non-profits that provide toys to children of prisoners. However, this year in Bermuda, five prisoners turned the tables by repairing and restoring bicycles as gifts for children, according to the Royal Gazette.

Suspensions are down in Buffalo, but at what cost?

“Restorative justice” practices have reduced school suspensions, but also have resulted in unpunished bad behavior, said the president of the Buffalo Teachers Federation. The school superintendent, however, wants to address discipline problems at the “root cause,” and not take students out of class for minor offenses, The Buffalo News reports.

SRO says social media a danger to youth

The use of nonstop social media among middle school students, along with illegal drugs and alcohol, represents the major danger to youth, a Connecticut school resource officer said.

Wake Forest medical students mentor minority boys

Medical students are busy people. Wake Forest medical student Kwone Ingram uses some of his precious time to mentor minority boys in a local elementary school and to help place mentors where they are needed through a non-profit he founded.

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